Lately I’ve been feeling pretty homesick, so I wanted to find a way to stay positive and remind myself that there is no reason to feel sad; after all, I’ve seen most of Asia this year. As amazing as it is, sometimes homesickness can still get to me and I end up feeling a bit down. Instead of moping around, each week I will jot down what made me happy that week, or gave me joy. I will remind myself of my weekly gratitude as a little piece of self-care, and maybe I can share a few nice things with my readers as well! So, here is what was good this week.

  1. Finally decided to quit reading the book I was hating, and start a new one. My good friend Josianne advised me to drop it and I’m so glad I listened. Started a new book, The Sympathizer. So good and I cried before I was 100 pages in.sympathizer-novel-book-viet-thanh-nguyen
  2. EEEEEE we booked a flight to Seoul, South Korea. If you’ve been or have recommendations, comment below and tell me what not to miss! I’m so excited about this one.

seoul-south-korea-cityscapePhoto source: Instagram

3. Got all my hotels booked for Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. I ended up booking two different places in Singapore because I couldn’t choose just one. Really looking forward to experiencing all these gorgeous places.

So Sofitel, Singapore |  Parkroyal on Pickering, Singapore |  The Majestic Hotel, Kuala Lumpur 

3. Arash and I went to Roahe Night market, my favourite night markets for food in Taipei. The spicy pork buns right outside the main gate are amazing.

4. Discovered yet another perfect coffee shop in Taipei. There are so many coffee shops in the city that are different from one another, I love trying new ones. I tricked Arash into walking 30 mins to this one. Do what ya gotta do amirite.

Photo source: Instagram @swellcocafe

5. After a nice walk to coffee and dessert, we ended up grabbing pizza at Zoca Pizza. Bit of a weird combo, having pizza after coffee and dessert, but it was a really nice impromptu date night so I have no regrets about tricking Arash into a longer walk.


6.  I finally made it to Elephant Mountain! It’s a super short little hike (read: it’s a bunch of stairs) at the edge of Taipei. The view is nice and the length makes it a really easy afternoon activity.

I really hope everyone had a great week, I know I did. Being homesick has made it a bit more challenging to even want to get out for me. Sometimes I just want to mope around the house and eat cheese, so this past little while Arash and I have been making the extra effort to get out and enjoy our surroundings. Even if I have to trick him into it. Taipei is an amazing city so it hasn’t been too hard to enjoy. Plus booking a bunch of travel doesn’t hurt either, does it?

Comment if you’ve got any extra tips on homesickness for me! Or tell me what was good for you this past week! I’d love to hear about it.