First of all, Happy Easter! I hope you’re having a great weekend with your family, friends, or watching Netflix eating chocolate bunnies in your jammies. Whatever makes you happy, friend. This past week has been A LOT, so I completely forgot it was Easter (also I live in Taiwan so). If you’ve seen my social media (insta, FB or twitter), you maybe saw that I got engaged! I would have to say that was the best part of what was good this week.

  1. Engaged! Check us out. This is the best pic we could get. I’m not even looking in the camera and Arash’s chest hair is aggressively peeking out but whatever you get the idea. Arash proposed in Hong Kong! Best memory ever.  He’s so sweet he even said we could get engagement photos if I really want to. Hard pass, but it was sweet of him to ask.
  2. Montreal wedding! Since Arash is from Montreal, we decided to do it there. I came across some great blogs with Montreal venue suggestions. I liked “best locations“, and outdoor venues, but reallyI don’t even know where to start.

    Photo: Green Wedding Shoes Blog
  3. Ok I promise my blog won’t turn into only wedding stuff, but last wedding mention because this is new for me- I’m loving a couple wedding blogs already. Who am I?? I am innnn love with the Green Wedding blog. The photo above is from a real wedding they featured. I’m also digging 
  4. Ummm look at the new Pandora Shine collection. Do I need another Pandora charm? No I do not. Who the eff cares I want a gold bumblebee, they’re gorgeous.
  5. Almost done my book, so I’ve chosen a new one to read. Next on the list is The Everything Store by Brad Stone. It’s a biography of Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon. I’m trying to get out of my book comfort zone so each book I try to switch genres.

    Photo: Instagram @urbanizedmtl
  6. Booked my flight home! I’m already dreaming of finally decorating my own place instead of living in furnished homes! I found a great interior design inspo Instagram account, @Urbanizedmtl 

Lots going on this week, and it was incredible. I’m so excited to be starting the next step with Arash, and heading back home in the next few months. I’m a little overwhelmed with the idea of planning a wedding, so if you have any tips you swear by, or blogs you love, add them in the comments!

Chat next week! –Chelsea