When The Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur was built in 1932, it was considered to be at the height of luxury. Later, it took a hotel hiatus and became a heritage building and National Art Gallery. Finally, it was restored to its previous status of luxury hotel. I had the pleasure of staying at the Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur when I recently visited Kuala Lumpur for the first time. majestic-hotel-kuala-lumpur

Checking in

As soon as you walk in, you are greeted by a huge table full of flowers and the expanse of the lobby area with a restaurant on one side and access to the upstairs area on the other. There is a gigantic chandelier right in the centre, with amazing Art Deco style everywhere. Check out that inlay in the floor. Check in went smoothly (obviously… why wouldn’t it) and we headed to our room to partay (jk no partays, just a bit of dancing).

The room

The room was lovely, with tons of bright natural light coming in, and this giant ass four-poster bed. Soo much room. Bonus; the tv music was already on when we arrived, and I loved that. I love having music on all the time so this was a great touch.


The pillows were so damn comfortable. I had the best sleep in this room. If I was planning to do work on my vacation, this desk would be ideal.. but obviously I did no work. But, I still appreciated the space.

Clearly I adored this bed, since I took a ton of pics of it. My favourite was the little personal reading lamps tucked onto the pillows. The bathroom was giant, with a full size tub for soaking and watching TV. And check out the suit rack. I wish I would have brought a power suit… curse you summer dresses!

Cigar Room

We wandered into the cigar room in search of a beverage (which we found, duh). I didn’t want to take too many photos so as not to disturb the gentlemen enjoying their time, but I did catch a quick snap of the bar and some smoking jackets. I loved this space. I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to be a “man space”, but sorry I loved it and was tempted to wear a smoking jacket too. The service was superb, and my damn wine glass kept getting filled. Tough life right?


After a beverage in the Cigar Room, we meandered over to the main lounge for another cocktail (shocking, I know). The Art Deco surroundings and luxurious vibe gave me feelings. There was also a fantastic band playing with an amazing singer at the piano. I was so enamoured by her voice.

The Orchid Room

The Majestic Hotel holds afternoon tea here and the room is absolutely stunning. I did not have tea here but I had to sneak in for a quick pic. LOOK AT THOSE ORCHIDS.

majestic-hotel-kuala-lumpur-orchid-roomAfternoon Tea in the Drawing Room

We were hosted for a beautiful afternoon tea in the drawing room, which had some major old-timey tea time vibes, down to the gorgeous tea cups and tea pots in a luxurious drawing room. Plus we had our own host to take care of us. He was great, and I’m pretty sure he didn’t judge us for consuming every last crumb of food.

The setting was so beautiful. I never knew I needed a tea set until The Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur? I had no idea this was a thing I needed in my life, but having such a pretty set just made it taste better (probably).


We started off with the savoury section of sandwiches and a mini (adorable!) bagel, then moved to the scones with jam and crème fraîche. Yeah we ate all three scones. Why did they give us three?? There are only two of us. You’re just asking me to stuff my face. No complaints. So delish.

I will not lie, when the other batch of hot savoury items came out, I was real excited. I didn’t realize more was coming so I was lovin’ it. It included chicken, chickpea balls, and some tiny scotch eggs. The scotch eggs were my fav.

Um. I was trying to quit eating added sugar, so I guess that’s out. Worth it. Saved the best for last, and devoured these babies. I had to get a close up of the chocolate treat because chocolate is life. Check out that little bit of cherry in the middle. Divine.


After roasting in the Kuala Lumpur heat, and stuffing our faces with all those dainties at tea (and then cocktails), we had an early night so ended up waking up early enough to be the first ones at the pool. Hence the amazing still water. I  didn’t want to check out..


When I visit a new city, I’m always on the go. I love to see as much as I can and usually jam pack my time and spend little time at the hotel. Being at The Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur actually made me want to stay at the hotel more. The atmosphere was so perfect, it’s almost indescribable. The level of service was amazing, and the small size of the hotel made it feel uncrowded and intimate. Plus, there was always fantastic old music playing! Music can really make an experience for me. I just wanted to hang around there and enjoy the decor, the amazing staff, and the services available. I could chill in this hotel for quite awhile.

If you want to book The Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur (which I think you should), do it here: www.majestickl.com 







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