Recently, The S Hotel in Taipei hosted Chef Glenn Viel, from two Michelin Star restaurant l’Ousteau de Baumanière for a short little residency in Taipei for two days. I love S Hotel (see my write up about the hotel here) and spend a lot of time there so I had to check it out.

The two-day food extravaganza took place on May 4-5 at S Hotel in Taipei (it’s in the heart of Taipei!). It was a set 6-course menu with the option to add wine pairings for each course. Let’s be real here, I don’t know a ton about wines and the pairings would have likely been lost on me so I just opted for a bottle of wine.

The meal, in HYG restaurant, lower level of S Hotel in Taipei
First Course

The first course was caviar and green peas that youmix together and eat with the blini (picture at the top right of the photo). I actually hate peas, but I did not hate this. It was INSANE good. The blini was warm and fluffy and went perfectly with the cool caviar and peas. Oh there was bread and butter to start too, but I devoured that in 0.3 seconds and you don’t need a photo of bread anyway.

Shrenki Caviar, green peas & blini
Second Course

I will say that this next course was my favourite. I could have eaten this as a main. I’ve never had langoustine and didn’t even know what is was. I, obviously a pleb, googled that shit. Don’t @ me, gourmet diners. That’s how you learn, amirite? Anyway, it was fantastic. The langoustine was served with creamy parmesan, basil pasta, zucchini and pistachios.

Giant Iceland langoustine
Third Course

The third course was Japanese tuna belly, tataki style. It was served with eggplant, smoked anchovies and fried capers (all underneath the tuna). I’m a big fan of tuna tataki so this one was another big thumbs up for me.

Fourth course (Mains)

My fiancé and I ordered both of the main course choices so we could try the two choices. Each main came with two dishes. The first is the Suckling pig and Iberico pluma with translucent fat, pig jus and corn variations. The pork dishes were nice, but out of everything, they were my least favourite. Still nice, just not my fav!

The other main was the Australian Wagyu beef flank, layered stuffed mushrooms, beef broth and seared enokis mushrooms. This one was for sure my preferred main. You can’t really go wrong with Wagyu beef and this one was delightful. I loved the stuffed mushroom with it, and the broth was lighter tasting than you would expect. I don’t like enoki mushrooms but my guy will eat anything so they didn’t get left behind.

Fifth and Sixth courses

First there was a palate cleanser (I think?) of grapefruit sorbet, grilled zucchini and a chilled apple shot. Grapefruit is amazing so I have zero complaints here. I was so full by now but you know I wanted more. The apple shot was a refreshing pressed apple juice.

Dessert is always my favourite because I eat way too much sugar and it’s my vice (well, that and wine). I’m currently trying to cut my added sugar at home, but that goes out the window if I’m out for food. Life is short. I’m not skipping the damn dessert. The dessert was a mango soufflé, rice pudding (at the bottom) and puffed rice on top. I thought I hated rice pudding. I was wrong. It was a huge dessert and I ate every last bite.

I was actually shovelling the last of the dessert into my face as Yves and Chef Glenn Viel came to say hello! As always, our evening at S Hotel in Taipei was perfect. The service, the food and the music is always nice. Being able to enjoy guest chef Glenn Viel’s menu was a treat. We even had a little photo with the chefs because why they hell not, right? Sorry about the bad quality, it was a phone photo night because somehow when food gets on my brain, I forget everything else, including cameras.

Chef Pierrick Maire, Me, Chef Glenn Viel

Visiting the S Hotel in Taipei always makes me feel a little less homesick because the service and atmosphere is so similar to something I would find back home, so any chance I get, I visit! I highly recommend it if you visit Taipei, even just to grab drinks, a meal, or look out for the next event they’re having.






  1. Josianne Isabel Reply

    I loooove this! And you look so fab in that dress and those boots (euh – allo sexy boots!!!!) xxx

  2. It was nice to have grapefruit sorbet before having a huge dessert, wasn’t it? And i love your dress. You look wonderful.

    • It really was! I love grapefruit anything 😊. Thank you for the compliment, that’s so kind!

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