Get Matchy-Matchy With Two Piece Outfits

Two piece outfits are a great purchase for the summer because you get a great matching set that goes together, but you can wear them separately too. I’m a big fan of practical purchases so this speaks volumes to me. I want to look nice but also the less effort the better… this is where two piece outfits come in for me. Check out these great two piece outfits I’ve found for ya.

1. Polka dot skirt set

I just wrote about the polka dot trend (here) so you know I had to include polka dots! This baby is on sale! Find it heretwo-piece-matching-set-polka-dots

2. Powder blue floral number

You know florals will always be in at spring time so it doesn’t hurt to have them in your spring closet. Find it heretwo-piece-matching-set-blue-floral-shorts-ruffle

3. Tropical paradise set

This two piece outfit makes me want to be somewhere tropical again. Find it here

two-piece-matching-set-tropical-pink-shorts4. Sunny yellow shorts set

K maybe this is a lil’ scandalous for lunch, but for sure perfect for a beach day. Find it here

5. Velvet crop pants outfit

You don’t have to save velvet for winter! Perfect for casual cocktails on a chilly summer night. On sale! Find it here

6. More tropical feels

Another great beachy two piece outfit to through over your swimsuit. Find it here

two-piece-matching-set-tropical-floral-black7. High waisted shorts and crop top

Light and summery set for the hottest summer day. On sale! Find it here

two-piece-matching-set-striped-shorts8. Classy striped midi skirt set

Chic midi skirt for your next garden party, or lunch date. On sale! Find it heretwo-piece-matching-set-stripe-midi-skirt

9. Airy white skirt set

The buttons on this are cute. Again, I’d be too shy in the city but I’d wear this at the beach or lake. Find it here

two-piece-matching-set-shorts-tie-up-shirt-white10. Neutral floral midi skirt set

Femine florals in a great neutral colour that you can wear to lots of occasions. Find it here

two-piece-matching-set-pastel-floral-lace-skirt11. Striped midi skirt set

This is one of my favourites. The cross front is so flattering, and it’s a great length skirt. Find it here

two-piece-matching-set-stripes12. Blue floral ruffles

Dress it up in these springy florals in a pretty blue colour. Find it here

two-piece-matching-set-floral-maxi-skirt-ruffles13. Black ruffle mini skirt set

Dress it up for date night or cocktails. Find it here

two-piece-matching-set-ruffle-mini-skirt14. Floral halter top and maxi skirt

I’m also in love with this set quite a bit. I love halter cut tops because they’re so flattering for shoulders. Find it here

two-piece-matching-set-maxi-skirt-halter-crop15. Double stripe pant set

Comfortable and flattering… what more can you ask for? Drawstring pants here I come. Find it here

two-piece-matching-set-striped-textured-pants-flare16. Chartreuse midi skirt set

Make an entrance in this colour. The separate pieces are great too! Find it here

17. Simple white ruffle pants set

I’ve been loving white dresses lately, so I’m loving this set. I’m a slob though and constantly dropping food on white clothes. Find it heretwo-piece-matching-set-white-pants

18. Floral tube top and midi skirt

Oh how surprising, a floral! Whatever it’s cute so who cares. The top isn’t too too short so if you’re not 100% sold on the crop, this is a good middle ground. Find it here


19. Stripey ruffle shorts set

The feminine ruffle and off the shoulder top on this is so cute. Boozey brunch anyone? Find it here


20. More polka dots!

This looks just like the romper I wrote about in my polka dot post, so I had to include it. It’s actually a two piece outfit though, so if you like matching but hate crop tops then this one is for you. Find it heretwo-piece-matching-set-ruffle-polka-dot-pantsEven if you don’t like crop tops, you can still do two piece outfits. There’s so much variety, from shorts and mini skirts to midi and maxi skirts with full on crop tops to completely covered up tops. Two piece outfits are definitely for everyone. I’m a big fan (again, love practical stuff).

5 Ways to Wear the Polka Dot Trend This Summer

I’ve been seeing the polka dot trend everywhere lately. Even travelling all around Asia while still following trends back home, I mean it. EVERYWHERE! I see polka dots at every turn. I’m annoyed that I threw out a polka dot shirt before I moved here, but I did pick up some high waisted polka dot pants here in Taipei. Being a black and white pattern, polka dots are so easy to wear, so here’s 5 fun ways to wear the polka dot trend this summer!


Maybe you’re heading out of town, maybe you just feel like sightseeing around town. This jumpsuit is perfect for any type of attraction. I have almost the exact same bag and I love it. I picked mine up in Bali but they’re everywhere now.

polka-dot-trend-jumpsuit-straw-bag-outfit-summerShop the look: Anthropologie Jumpsuit   ☼   Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses   ☼   Ted Baker Sun Hat   ☼ Round Straw Bag   ☼   Steve Madden Flat Sandals (on sale)

Running Around Town

We’ve all got errands to get done, why not channel this cute ass polka dot trend while doing them? These slides look so comfortable (good for running around) and Levi’s jeans are my very favourite and everyone should own them. polka-trend-outfit-jeans-casual-summer

Shop the look: Asos Cami with Ruffle   ☼   Levi’s 501 Ripped Skinny Jeans   ☼   Leather Mules   ☼          Matt & Nat Vegan Purse   ☼   Tory Burch Sunglasses 

Beach Day!

One piece swimtsuits are everywhere too. This polka dot one has a great vintage vibe. Pair it with a giant floppy hat to protect yourself! Is this tote bag too much? I don’t think so, and let’s get real… I’m probably hiding a bottle of rosé in that bag anyway (KIDDING).  polka-dot-trend-swimsuit-floppy-hat-outfit-summerpng

Shop the look: Modcloth Swimsuit   ☼   Gucci Heart Sunglasses   ☼   Giant Floppy Sun Hat   ☼     Straw Tote Bag

Date Night

Wear this romantic little number for a night out with your main squeeze, or just with the ladies. Pair with some statement earrings and a pop of colour with this floral bag that I adore. polka-dot-trend-date-night-outfit-summer

Shop the look: Ruffle Dress (on sale)   ☼   Marc Ellis Leather Sandals   ☼   Blue Floral Gucci Bag   ☼              Gold Statement Earrings


Pair those polka dots with feminine ruffles and a floral bag for patio brunch. High waisted shorts are perfect for when you want to stuff your face with brunch food; they come up nice and high over your belly. Well, at least that’s why I like them (am I alone here??).


Shop the look: Urban Outfitters High Waisted Shorts   ☼   Boater Hat   ☼   Ruffle Crop Top                White Wedges (on sale) ☼   Dolce & Gabbana Floral Bag

Personally, I dig the polka dot trend that’s happening right now. I have a couple polka dot pieces in my closet so I’m pretty good for the summer! How about you? What’s your fav polka dot piece? Or do you hate this damn polka dot trend? Let me know below!

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for all moms

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, did you remember to grab your momma a little something? I’ve picked out a few great Mother’s Day gifts you can snag, but get on it! You have like two weeks!

Tiffany & Co. necklaces for a fancy mom

I love the infinity symbol for love, since duh you love your mom forever right? If these necklaces are in your budget, then you probably had an awesome and supportive mama cheering you along all the way to your successes, so spring for something special to show your appreciation… or go in with your siblings and splurge together!

Infinity necklace on the left is here

Pandora for literally any mom

Pandora for sure isn’t just charm bracelets. I’m in love with the new Shine Collection (I’ve talked about it before) with a sunshine and bumblebee theme. You can find so many types of Mother’s Day gifts at Pandora. My mom actually got me an infinity dangle charm from there- to symbolize her endless love, which def tugged at my heart strings.

Pandora Shine collection

They have a ton of Mother’s Day and family theme charms here

pandora-shine-necklace-ring-mothers-day-gift31 Bits table decor for the mom who loves to entertain

31 Bits works with artisans to give them dignified job opportunities and fair pay for their work, and I really love a company that tries to give back. These trivets and cheese boards are so beautiful and handmade in Bali. Never thought I’d get excited about a trivet, but here we are. I’m sure any mom who entertains would love serving with these beauties.

Brass rainbow shaped Trivet here

Petrified wood cheese board here

Sunnies for your cool mom

Spring is in the air and the sun is trying to come out so grab your mom some new shades. You can definitely find nice sunglasses for any budget and this is a really practical gift.

Grab these Toms shades right here

Grab a super affordable version ova here

Springy cosmetic bag

My mom doesn’t wear makeup a lot, but my sister and I recently finally convinced her to wear eyebrows so we’re getting somewhere. Not that she needs makeup, she just needed eyebrows, really. Sorry mom, truth. Everyone loves a pretty makeup bag and I’m loving this floral for spring.

Cosmetic bag from Ted Baker (it’s on sale so grab it fast!) here


Chic hoop earrings

These hoop earrings are a nice modern version of classic hoop earrings. These beauties will go with anything, and won’t break the bank for you either. Jewelry is always a nice choice for a gift, and it doesn’t have to be crazy expensive to be beautiful.

Find them from Bloomingdale’s right herechic-hoop-earrings-mothers-day-gift-2

Cookbook for chef mom

If your mom loves to cook she probably loves cookbooks. I love Pinterest recipes but I find I lose them, or forget about recipes I like, so the idea of a great cookbook to refer back to is so nice. I miss my cookbooks back home and I know my mom has a few standard she loves. Add a new one to add to your mom’s collection for a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift, and try a recipe together to get some quality time in.

Get it here

Silk Pillowcase to protect mom’s hair and skin

Is this a weird gift? I don’t know. I know I want one though, and I would for sure get my mom one too. Silk pillowcases are supposed to help reduce friction on your hair so less split ends and damage, as well as help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Plus they’re supposed to be be resistant to allergens. It’s a nice mini luxury that maybe mom wouldn’t buy for herself so you can treat her instead.

Get one right here


Playful Candles

If Super Powers & Fresh Cut Flowers doesn’t say “mom”, I don’t know what does. Moms are for sure super powered. These candles from Coal & Canary are amazing (plus they’re made in Canada!). They last forever, and the smells are insane good. Every candle is named something cheeky and playful so you can find something for any personality. You’ll never want another brand of candle.

Buy online here


Diffuser if mom hates candles?

Does anyone hate candles? Maybe your mom does, so grab this cute alternative that’ll do the same damn thing without the fire hazard. This one is liquidness and the citrus blossom scent sounds like spring to me.

Find it right here


Eco-friendly hydration set for nature mom

This mini luxury set comes with a coconut oil body polish, a rose hibiscus face mist, and a coconut lip conditioner. It’s all made sustainably, in recyclable packaging. The products are all made with natural, food grade ingredients. Your mom can pamper herself and feel good about her environmental impact too.

Snap it up right here


Pretty stemless wine glasses (for wine moms, duh)

You can always use some extra wine glasses, but why not make this mothers day gift a little more pretty than just plain wine glasses? These ones are so cute (they come in a set of 4), and stemless is always a bonus if you have clumsy hands (or too many wines).

Find them here


Vases for a flower-loving mom

I think these vases are so pretty, and if you end up buying flowers for this year’s Mother’s Day gift, maybe grab her a new vase to put the flowers in?

Find all the sizes here


Only a couple of weeks left now so make sure you grab at least a little something for your mama. She did carry you for 9 months, after all. Think of all the wine she missed out on for you! Do you do Mother’s Day gifts? Or do you prefer to spend some time together instead? Comment below, tell me about your Mother’s Day plans!


Spring Dresses to take you from Easter all the way to Summer

Happy Spring! Well, at least it’s warm in Taipei. Looks like it’s still a little chilly back home but maybe if you grab some new spring dresses it’ll will the cold away? I don’t know how weather works. I’m not a meteorologist. Take a look at some of Spring dresses that are giving me feelings.

1. Florals

It’s Spring, so obviously we have some floral spring dresses. I actually have the one on the right (from Forever 21) and I love it. I love florals for spring, and that middle one in green (check out this post for another cute green dress) is a nice splash of colour if you’re not feeling the pastels.

Left to right:  1. Nordstrom, $200      2. Asos, $132     3. Forever 21, $27.90 (USD)

2. Rainbow Brite

Channel your inner 80s cartoon character with these bold looks. I’ve been seeing rainbow everywhere, which is fun and unique. Be the flashiest dresser at your Easter dinner.

rainbow-striped-dresses-spring-2018Left to right:   1. Bloomingdale’s, $213     2. Boohoo, $42 (on sale)    3. Forever 21, $20 (USD) 

3. Gingham 

Did you know that Brigitte Bardot got married in a gingham dress? Now you do. Serious picnic vibes going on here.

Left to right: 1. Nordstrom, $147      2. Asos, $65      3. Miss Selfridge, $38 (USD – on sale) 

4. Pastels

I like eating ice cream, so why wouldn’t I want to wear ice cream colours? Makes complete sense to me. Can’t do full pastel dress? Check out some cute pastel bags for spring instead!


Left to right: 1. Revolve, $218     2. Lark & Ro (on Amazon), $102      3. Asos, $30.55

5. Bold stripes

Go big or go home with these huge ass stripes. I don’t have a bold stripe dress yet, but I need to find one. I love them and I’m seeing huge stripes everywhere.


Left to right: 1. Michael Kors, $490     2. Nasty Gal, $72 (on sale)     3. H&M, $39.99

6. Wrap dresses

Wraps are my all-time favourite kind of dress. They’re so flattering on any figure. LOVE. Plus there are so many different types of wrap dresses, you can find one for any occasion, in any pattern, or fabric. Um hi, pineapples.


Left to right: 1. Shopbop, $395      2. Nordstrom, $93    3. Forever 21, $56

I still have a couple Spring dresses I want to grab, but for the most part I’ve kind of overloaded myself with florals. Oops. I always have a couple of wrap dresses in my closet but I want to try some more bold patterns this season and get out of my comfort zone! Comment below what kind of spring dresses you love to have. Do you have a standard like me and my wrap dresses, or do you like new spring trends?


Stuff I love – Green for St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’m definitely not Irish, but I do love green. Just for funsies, here’s some stuff I love… it’s obvs all green for St. Patrick’s Day. Maybe don’t dress yourself head to toe in green, but a splash of green is always niiiice… especially for spring. Or just drink green beer. That works too. green-st-patricks-day-beauty-fashionGreen is my favourite colours so I’m always drawn to stuff with  green accents (or entirely green- cue green dress). I haven’t quite yet braved the green eyeliner or eyeshadow but I’ve def seen it look amazing on others. Green makes me feel good and reminds me of being outside, so I really can’t get enough of it. Or those shoes.

Feeling  the green vibes? I got you. Find everything below!
  1. Happy Skin Green Tea Sheet Mask (it’s a UK site, but they ship internationally)
  2. NYX Slide On Pencil – Tropical Green
  3. Dior Sunglasses
  4. Gucci green floral satin tote bag
  5. Vintage Style Cap-Sleeve Dress
  6. Orly Nail Polish – Invite Only
  7. Casery Cactus Iphone case (This one’s 40 bucks but I found a similar one on Amazon here)
  8. Kiehl’s Cilantro & Orange Extract Pollutant Defending Masque 
  9. Missguided Tassel Earrings 
  10. Roberto Cavalli Watch (this is on sale right now!)
  11. Tata Harper Lip Tint
  12. Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Colour 
  13. Badgley Mischka Floral Satin Heels 

I used to love going out for St. Patrick’s day, but these days things are a little quieter for me. Probably won’t be having any green beer over here, but at this point I’ll take the green bag over the green beer.

Stylish jewelry pieces that look good and do good

I’m addicted to online shopping, so I’m always browsing for something. Most of the time, it’s window shopping but I’m always looking. I came across the Tiffany & Co Save the Wild collection on one of my many online window shops, and thought… omg why am I not paying more attention to companies that do good? Better yet, why not jewelry that gives back? Cuz I love jewelry, obvs.

Let’s be honest here… a lot of jewelry sold is pretty similar from one place to the next, so why not make your buying dollars have more of an impact? Or maybe make a more conscious purchase for next years’ Valentine’s Day! I can find a layer necklace anywhere, but if I buy one from Me to We, it helps give access to healthcare. It’s pretty easy to support a company that tries to do good, so take a look at these stylish jewelry pieces that look good and do good too!


Tiffany & Co. has committed to a minimum donation to the Elephant Crisis Fund of at least $1,000,000 (USD) by January 31, 2019. If you buy one of these cute-ass elephants, 100% of the profits goes to this charitable endeavour. I was just in Thailand and visited an elephant sanctuary there. It was pretty much the highlight of my life, and I learned how incredible and warm elephants are.

Get it here: Tiffany Save the Wild Elephant Charm








Don’t want to break the bank with a Tiffany necklace but still wanna send the elephants some love? Check out Ivory Ella. They work with Save The Elephants, and since their launch in 2015, have donated over $1.2 million to the organization. They dedicate 10% or their annual profits to saving the elephants. If jewelry isn’t your thing, they sell apparel too.

Get it here: Ivory Ella Elephant Outline Necklace




Fernweh is a woman-centric company that was founded  in 2015 (by two women). They are partnered with women-focused institutions in Mexico and Pakistan. Their goal is to empower women, and they partner with female artisans and entrepreneurs in those areas. Fernweh reinvests 2.5% of every sale into micro loans to women in the communities that inspire their jewelry. I love their jewelry so much that I had to include two pieces. I’m lways a fan of seeing women helping other women.

Learn more and find the jewelry here: Fernweh 


Again- I’ve seen lots of earrings like this, but the company  (Houseegoods) that makes these partners with Project Concern International’s (WE) Initiative to provide jewelry and design classes to low income women, to help them gain financial independence. Can you tell I love women-centric companies?? 

They’re sold on a site called Bead & Reel, that actually sells a lot of designers and you can choose what you’re looking for based on what kind of cause gets you going (gives back, woman-founder, artisan made, vegan, etc).

Buy the earrings here: Bead & Reel rod drop earrings


brave-collection-compass-necklace-goldThe Brave Collection’s jewelry is all handmade by Cambodian artisans. Most are mamas from underprivileged backgrounds, or suffer from disabilities. They work for fair pay, from home or a small studio in Cambodia. On top of partnering with these artisans, 10% of the Brave Collection’s profits are donated to fight human trafficking in Cambodia.

And yep, it was founded by a woman!

Get this necklace here: The Brave Collection Compass Chain Necklace



Thirty One Bits is another female-founded company that has the goal of giving fair job opportunities to skilled artisans around the globe. They provide fair pay, clean and safe work environment, access to the global market for the artisans, and they’re family-centric.

The website is adorns, and you can check out the artisan stories.

These earrings here: Harmony Hoops 








I’m an animal lover, so I wanted to include a piece that gives back to animal shelters too. Nair & Bjorn is owned by a woman who creates handmade jewelry and donates 20% of her sales to no-kill shelters and animal charities. She’s got a few really cute pieces, and I think 20% is a really generous donation.

Get the necklace here: Gold Bar Lapis Lazuli Necklace 





If you’re Canadian then you’ve probably heard of Me To We – think We Day.  You can buy some really cute jewelry from the Me to We online store, and each item tells you exactly what it will do (such as provide clean water, access to healthcare, food, education, or financial opportunity), then when you purchase it you can get tracking info on your piece, to track your impact.

Oh, and they’re all handmade by artisans in Kenya (mostly mamas again).

Get the bracelet here: Woven bangle  The necklace here: Layered drop necklace 

the7dayring-silver-ringThe 7dayring project is partnered with a female entrepreneur in Ethiopia who commits to helping artisans exit the cycle of poverty. The ring has 7 bands  as a symbol to seize each day.

On top of their partnership, after they’ve covered their costs, they donate their remaining funds to Hope International, to help Ethiopian women.

Order the 7day ring here




Moving Mountains commits five bucks from each piece of jewelry they sell to women-focused charities and not-for-profits. They switch up the charities every few months so they can spread the lady love.

These earrings are from a limited collection, Any Woman Can, and 100% of the profits are donated.

Get these earrings here




Do I always remember to make conscious purchases? No I don’t. I wish I was better about it and always bought jewelry that gives back. I’m not perfect, but I want to commit to trying to remember that when I’m being a mindless consumer, shopping my life away online, that it’s really easy to do a bit more research and make a small difference.

Next time I want to treat myself to something shiny, I’m going to choose jewelry that gives back. What do you think? Are you more compelled to buy something if the company gives to charity? What charities are close to your heart? When I was researching, I realized that two things that really stuck out for me were focused around women and animals.

10 Handbag Trends to try for Spring and Summer 2018

It’s spring!! Well, at least in Taipei it is. Flowers are blooming and it’s warming up quickly. Time for some spring bags, right? Well…for some crazy and unknown reason, I moved to Taipei for an entire year with only one handbag  (and a floral backpack, but that doesn’t count). I don’t know what I was thinking, but at least I have an excuse to buy more bags? Not that I needed an excuse. So, these days I spend a lot of time scanning the internet for bags and scoping out handbag trends. There are lots, but I’ve narrowed it to 10 that I really love, so here are 10 handbag trends to try for spring and summer 2018!

1. Keep it simple with white bags


I just picked up a white saddle bag so I’m all over this trend. It’s a great neutral that isn’t black, and lightens things up for spring and summer. Here’s hoping I can keep it clean.

1. Mansur Gavriel,  $890   2. Twinset, $271   3. Topshop, $50

2. Garden party vibes with floral bags


How much more “spring” can you get? Floral says spring, to me and I’ve seen these babies everywhere. Now all I need is a garden party to attend (jk I will wear these anywhere).

1. Tory Burch, $805    2. Kate Spade, $148 (USD)    3. Aldo, $55

3. Channel your inner granny with wicker bags


Who doesn’t think of a granny when they think of wicker? Granny always does seem to know best though, and these give me such a beach-y and summer-y vibe, I want all of them. I just got back from Thailand and they were everywhere there and I’m kicking myself for not grabbing one.

1. Prada, $1,490 (USD)    2. Free People, $125   3. Urban Outfitters, $49 (USD)

4. Cotton candy, dreamy pastel shade bags


If my bag is the colour of cotton candy and ice cream, does it mean I’ll eat less of it? Probably not. Either way, can’t go wrong with pastels when it’s warm.

1. Simon Miller, $610 (USD)    2. Marc Ellis, $243     3. Sole Society, $67

5. Tassels


Tassels just give that extra kick to an otherwise simple purse and keep it fun and interesting. Can we take a sec to look at this Miu Miu bag? I am in love with it and want to marry it. I think it’s probably cooler than me though (not that the bar is that high).

1. Miu Miu, $2,651    2. Tory Burch, $298 (USD)    3. Charles Keith, $59 (USD)

6. Casual and practical bucket bags


Bucket bags have been around for awhile, but they’re still kicking, and for good reason. They’re super practical for the spring/summer season, since they can fit lots, and they’re casual and simple.

1. Simon Miller, $764     2. Matt & Nat, $150     3. Zara, $36

7. Bold, bright red bags


Love a good red bag. I can be pretty lazy about outfits so when I just want to wear a plain white shirt with jeans, a red bag is a needed splash of colour. I really have to give credit to my friend Josianne on this one though, she was on top of the red bags before we started seeing them in stores everywhere!

1. Elena Ghisellini, $791   2. Botkier, $240     3. Zara, $46

8. All that glitters isn’t gold… sometimes it’s an embellished bagchristian-louboutin-essential-antwerp-zara-handbags-purse-embellished-spring-summer-2018

Beaded, sequinned, embroidered, whatever you like, you’ll find. I’ve been seeing embellished bags everywhere and I am here for it. As I get older, I love more glittery things. Go figure.

1. Christian Louboutin, $1,190 (USD)     2. Essential Antwerp, $275     3. Zara, $26

9. Circle bags


Circle bags are everywhere right now. If you’ve been in a store, this is one of the handbag trends you’ve probably seen. For good reason, though. The silhouette is cute and easy to wear with anything.

1. Chloé, $1,525 (USD)     2., $121    3. Zara, $60

10. Super mini bags


You’re not fitting much more than your phone in these super mini bags, but really, what else do you need? When you have less space, you bring less crap you don’t need. Besides, these are so beautiful, I’m willing to forgo some extra space if I can have a cute little cat bag (yeah, I’m a cat lady).

1. Gucci, $790 (USD)   2. Kate Spade, $172    3. Asos, $24

Comment below if you’re already on top of these handbag trends for spring/summer 2018! Do you already have an old favourite bag for spring, or do you like to get a new one for the season? Or maybe you want to put your dog in your purse (like me), so go check out this post (there’s a great dog tote there).


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Special Lady or Mister in your Life

February already?! Almost Valentine’s Day! If you’re  feeling gift-y, here are a few Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the special lady or mister in your life!

Now I’ve never been into Valentine’s Day, but I’d never had anyone do what my guy Arash did last year. He got romantic and surprised me with candles, rose petals, and this Tiffany necklace. It wasn’t just the gift, it was the setup and thought that went into surprising me. (Edit: He got even more romantic and proposed to me in Hong Kong!) I felt so damn special, and now I might be a bit of a sucker for Valentine’s Day. No, we don’t need a special day to express our love, but come on, who doesn’t love to feel extra special sometimes??

tiffany ball drop earrlingsTiffany Ball Hook Earrings

For the fancy, modern lady in your life. These little babies are sleek and chic, perfect for a night out, and simple enough to wear with literally anything. Love a good drop earring.

(Get them here)
hip flask funny stainless steel
Sip Sip Hooray Flask

I am guilty of using this emoji way too damn much so I am here for this flask. This is a perfect gift for your love that loves whiskey or scotch (or whatever you wanna put in there). Go for a romantic ice skate together and warm up with a little sip of something nice.

(Find it here)

pandora valentine bracelet

 Pandora Valentine’s Collection

Pandora has a charm for everything and every occasion. If your special someone already has a bracelet, this is a great (and let’s be honest…easy) gift to add to their collection. Or why not start them off with a new one if they don’t already have one?

(See it here)


montblanc red gold coated pen
 Montblanc Red Gold-Coated Ballpoint Pen

If your main squeeze still likes to write stuff, this is a winner. I know everyone uses their phone now, but a few of us still use day planners and a snazzy pen with something engraved on it is a nice personal touch.

(The one pictured is here)

rose gold silver tiffany watchRose Gold & Stainless Steel Tiffany Watch

You can’t really go wrong with a watch. It’s a standard wardrobe piece, and it’s functional (obviously). This bad boy is a beauty of an everyday watch and I’m sure any special lady in your life would be jazzed to get this one.

(right heremens travel kit gentlemens hardwareFlight Ready Travel Kit

Everyone likes to have travel items, but does anyone really like buying them? No brainer for the traveling man in your life. Plus if you’re travelling with them then you get to smell that sandalwood & citrus.

kate spade heart earringsKate Spade Heart Stud Earrings

These little cuties are just right for the girly-girl you love. Or anyone who likes hearts, I guess? Go all in on the Valentine’s Day heart theme.

(grab them here)
alien mugler perfumeAlien Eau de Perfum by Thierry Mugler

This is my favourite perfume. It’s a warm floral, wood-y amber smell. The warmth is perfect for winter, and the bottle is pretty damn cute to look at.

(Sephora sells it!)
zeus beard grooming kitZeus Everyday Beard Grooming Kit

For the bearded man in your life. This kit come with shampoo, conditioner, beard oil and balm. Perfect for upkeep during the dry cold Canadian winter months.

(Grab it Here)
sofia zakia gold rose necklaceSofia Zakia Celestial Rose Necklace

This necklace has some real Beauty and the Beast vibes and I’m all about it. If your girl loves Disney (don’t we all?), I bet she’ll love this handmade in Montreal gold rose.

(Find it here)lagavulin 16 islay scotch
Lagavulin Islay Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

Maybe you forgot to grab something in advance, maybe your crush loves scotch (like meeee). This is easy to find anywhere, and this peaty smoke show is one of my favs. This will warm you and your valentine real quick.

(Come on, you know you can find it at any liquor store)
coal and canary good beats eatin sweets candle
Coal and Canary candle

Another easy peasy gift that everyone will love. I love candles, hate buying them so getting them as gifts is the best. Step up your game with these hand-poured, wooden wick, Canadian made (from Winnipeg, my hometown!) candles. The fragrances are amazing and the names are so catchy.

(choose one here)
komono rose gold black dial mesh watch
Komono Rose Gold Watch

I just got this watch for my birthday, so I obviously love it. I’ve been digging rose gold lately and this simple black dial will go with any girl’s style, it’s so versatile.

(Right here)
burberry heart scarf cashmere
Burberry Classic Cashmere Scarf with Hearts

Everyone loves a good scarf, and I’m dying for this classic with a twist. Again, I am here for the Valentine’s Day heart theme. A gift like this last forever. They’ll be wearing dis bitch for years to come so this baby is a winner for me too.

(This guy is right  here)



If all else fails and you just didn’t get a chance to do anything in advance, grab some fancy pink champagne and some tasty chocolates. Godiva has a heart box of 37 pieces of chocolate. Who doesn’t need 37 pieces of chocolate? Just do a little workout after and you’re fine. Bubbles + chocolate = love. Isn’t that how it goes? Juuuust kidding.

(Godiva chocolates here) Champagne!

6 Bold Lipsticks That Will Knock Your Socks Off

Whenever I used to see women wearing bold lipsticks, I always thought they looked so damn good, but that I could NEVER wear something like that. Welp, I’m turning 30 in a couple days and I guess I just don’t give a fuck what people think anymore, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m trying to take better care of my body, my hair, and being a little more interesting with makeup these days. Wish I would have felt that way sooner! I’m all over the bold lipsticks these days, so here are 6 to check out.

I grabbed this Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Bold Lip lip kit when I was in Montreal before Christmas (Merry Christmas to me) because I loooove samples so I can check shit out before I commit to full size. You can’t get this kit at Sephora anymore, but you can get all of the lipsticks individually, or on their websites and Sephora always has different lip sample kits to try, like this one. 
sephora lipstick samplerNudestix Magnetic Matte Lip Colour in Vino

Get it here :

nudestix matte lip colour vino

Amazing colour on the one. It’s a really deep red and it’s extra matte with an insane-quick dry time. I found the pencil applicator to be a bit tricky but I’m not great at anything so that could also be the issue. However… I think I’m allergic to this one! It ended up feeling like fire on my lips so I had to take it off right away. If you’ve tried this one let me know in the comments how you felt about it!

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in K-Dub Bold Fuchsia

Get it here: www.katvondbeauty.comkat von d Everlasting Liquid Lipstick bold fuschia

I wore this to a Chinese new year dinner, where it lasted all the way through 5-6 courses plus the better part of a bottle of wine (don’t judge my life choices). The colour is gorgeous, and the first time I’ve really worn a bright pink. No regrets. I didn’t even need a touch up so I’m pretty in love with this one. Will def buy again. Just make sure to let it dry and put a second coat on and then you should be good to go.

Bare Minerals Matte Liquid Lipcolour in VIP

Get it here:

bare minerals matte liquid lipstick VIP

This colour is a brighter red than I would normally go for, so I’m glad it came in the sampler because I never would have picked it up. It goes on really creamy, and dries to a nice non sticky feel. It was a little drying after a few hours, but I find most matte lipsticks can be. I loved this for a day time red because it has a softer look after a bit of wearing.

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Liquorice – Oxblood

Get it here:

bite beauty amuse bouche lipstick oxblood

Uh. new favourite colour? It’s sooo vampy,  creamy and super pigmented. It’s mostly opaque but some of your natural lip colour comes through to make a gorgeous gradient. I love the texture and creaminess on my lips. Doesn’t stay on for long so you’ll need touch ups but it doesn’t claim that it does so no hate.

Tarte Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint in Wannabe (Rich Brown)

Get it here:

tarteist matte quick dry lip paint wannabe

I was the most afraid of this one. I’ve never worn brown lipstick before, let alone dark chocolate brown. I had to walk around the house in it for awhile but once I got used to it, but now I’m kind of into it. This bad boy definitely stays on, even through a fried egg sandwich. Just make sure to give it time to dry, then do a second coat. And don’t talk or do anything while it’s drying or it’ll dry all creased up. It goes on smoothly and easily and once it’s dry you don’t really feel it. I already had this in another colour and plan on replacing it so I do really love it.

Too Faced Comfort Matte Longwear Lipstick in Drunk Dial

Get it here:

too faced comfort matte drunk dial

This little guy was my favourite for lip feel. It goes on so smoothly, and in a nice opaque layer. Plus it smells and feels just like lip balm when it’s on. It’s supposed to be peach scented but I think whoever named it has never smelled a peach. Still smells delicious though so no biggie. I really wouldn’t consider this a longwear lipstick though, it comes off easily, and it’s not that matte but I still reaaaaallly loved this magenta colour and it was the best feeling on my mouth, so it’s a win for me.

I’m tasking myself to wear at least one bold lipstick colour each week, to push myself out of my comfort zone. My boyfriend Arash, bless his heart, has been so sweet about my new “lewks” with bold lipsticks, and always says they’re great, so he’s a sweetheart for that. Mind you, last time he told me he thought a skirt I was buying was ugly, I told him it wasn’t for him and bought it anyway. Maybe he just knows better than to say anything hehe.

What kind of colours do you like to wear? Any other lovers of bold lipsticks out there?




Comfy Airport Style

I love to travel, and living in Taipei this year has made it sooo easy to see a ton of Asia. However, airplanes suck and being crammed in a plane for hours can be a bit of a bummer sometimes. I also have a long haul flight survival guide, so go check that out too! My comfy airport style is pretty standard for every flight, because it’s super easy and it makes flights bearable.

Comfortable Shoes

I usually try to workout when I’m on vacay (I said try) so I bring my running shoes and just wear those on the plane because they’re the most comfy airport choice. Or I just wear slip ons like these.


I know I know, tights aren’t pants. Whatever, eff you I don’t care what you think, I’m going for max comfort. Workout pants or leggings are good, or I wear my embarrassing Costco tights because I love Costco and you should too (no, I’m not sponsored by Costco).

Tank top

Purely for layering purposes. Sometimes I sweat my life away so it’s good to have a layer under so you can strip if needed. Note- I always wear a comfortable bralette or low impact sports bra because I’m super flat chested so I don’t need much for support and I will avoid real bras at all costs.

Thin long sleeve shirt

More layers. You see, I seem to have no body temperature regulation so I always think of silly things like all the possible plane temperatures. Maybe you have have a normal body and can look super cute on a flight. Not me. Here’s a cute one.

Thick Cardigan

Everyone loves a big sweater. Here’s one I love and want for my next flight or day on the couch. They’re so perfect for flights and sooo much easier than something you have to pull over your head in a cramped space.

Big scarf

If you get cold, use it as a blanket, or you can use it as extra cushion for your neck pillow. This one is pretty cute and looks big enough to use as a blanket too.


I don’t care how lame backpacks are. One, I love this silver one, and two, I bring a lot of snacks and books and I’m not carrying them all in a giant bag on one shoulder so I channel my fifth grade self.

How about you? Do you have a comfy airport style? Once you’ve got your plane outfit ready, don’t forget to take a look at my long haul flight guide; there’s a checklist too! Comment below if you have travel outfit staples too!