My siblings are two sisters, so I’m not gonna lie, most of these fun things are more geared towards girl time so don’t hassle me about it. You can for sure do a lot of these with your brothers though! Both of my sisters are around 10 years younger than I am so it’s fun seeing them get older and now having much more in common with them than before. I have a really small family so I try to carve out time for my baby sisters as much as I can, when I’m actually in the same cities as them. Here are some fun ways that you can do to spend time with your siblings too.

15 Sibling Activities (or whoever else you spend time with)

workout-class-bannerWho better than to check out a new workout class than with your sibling? Take a break from your weekly schedule to try something new and spend that quality time together too. I, embarrassingly, love Zumba and would love to drag one of my sisters to a class. 
volunteer-bannerSpend time together AND do good. Go walk dogs together, or spend some time with the elderly, or at a local soup kitchen. try-new-bike-path-banner

Another fun way to get some exercise in and have quality time. If bikes aren’t your thing, just go for a walk and chat about what’s going on in your life. I can barely ride a bike so bike rides are a challenge for me.


Hear me out on this one… I know, crafts sound lame but excuse me they are not. Check out Pinterest and try one of the bazillion choices out there. Make an afternoon of it and see if you end up with a Pinterest fair. Either way it’ll be fun.


Pretty simple. Go get coffee. Chat. Have fun. It’s not so much the activity, but just making sure to set aside time for your

Manis, pedis, scrubs and face masks! And maybe some wine if your siblings are old enough? Make it a full spa day. Or go to the actual Spa, that’s an option too.


Find somewhere interesting close to your home that you can take a drive out to and make a day of it. It’s amazing what you can find when you just look around your area.


Okay, well this one is easy. Who cares, it’s fun and it’s a nice time together. You can check out my spring bag trends post, or see some dress trends and go see what you can find.


I love board games and I think this is a great way to spend some family time. If you’re a weirdo and don’t like board games, try a new card game, or a video game.


This is only a good one if you like reading, which I do. So. Take it or leave it. Take turns each month or every couple of months choosing a book and do a little book club chat over snacks when you finished. It’s another way to find some new books you may never have considered!


Have a bake-off, try a new recipe together (maybe make sushi for the first time?), or split a whole meal apart and someone do the meal and someone do the dessert, someone else can do appies (depending on how many siblings you have).


Find a great movie series to binge on for a lazy weekend afternoon with popcorn and treats.


This might be an extension of a movie marathon, or maybe you do a spa night, or a baking party sleepover. Whatever you want, just make it a pj party too.


Try an artsy activity like a paint night, or an artistic work shop such as a terrarium workshop. You could also paint pottery, or find a shirt painting store (paining or screen printing). There are so many DIY shops and classes out there, you’ll always find something.


This could be a fun challenge to take on together. You can train together and motivate one another to keep it up.

I wish I lived in the same city as my sisters, because I feel like I miss out on a lot of quality time with them, so I can’t wait to be back in Canada so it’ll at least be easier to see them and do some of these fun things! What is your favourite way to spend time with your siblings?


    • Surprisingly, both of my sisters agree! Looks like we’re going to try it!